My social media accounts. They are young, yes. I’ve always loved making up accounts. It is so much fun to start again – everything all bright and shiny (my adult ADD). And making up names, oh I guess it’s good we can’t do that in real life ha. But it’s “cluttery” (my OCD’ness). So after years of playing around and having things scattered about, this is the name, the account to finally get a grasp on stuff I like to collect such as the books I’ve read, the movies I’ve watched, the things I’ve seen on the net.

My accounts have been whittled down to three:

1.  IRL: for bills and work which I think people should keep separate
2. This account which encompasses everything on the internet and social media accounts, this is my main account from now on, except for:
3. One other account for a game site I am on and for Second Life-If you are a patron of Milkwood you will find me and that name is so similar to this one, you will figure it out.I’ve kept this account because I am well established with time and friends on both and do not want to start over again.

And with all of this, it was what I said above – it was just fun to start anew again and again. I haven’t used the names to fool anyone or lie to them such as some people do in second life. That is called using an “alt” there and when you do that intending to deceive it is much looked down on. I’m deleting old accounts as I come upon them and only have one at each site. That is the sites that will let you delete accounts. Last week I was on a forum that will not let you do that and the mods made mention of a previous account I had forgotten like I was a criminal and trying to get away with something… What, I don’t know since I hadn’t been a well-established member with friends and lots of posts. They cleared me to be a member this evening, but I won’t go back since I feel unwelcome now. So I guess that is the reason for the long post here at the top before I give links to my social media accounts. Color me scatter-brained, not evil. Feel free to friend me; I’m not changing names again but….

I post a lot at times and then none sometimes.
Some places I frequent more than others.

I’m online a lot at times, and then there are times….
I just need a break (days not years lol).