My Miscellaneous Thangs For Writing


  • Scrivener  – Get the free trial → Win NaNoWriMo 2016 → Buy with discount
    Watch Scrivener tutorials on Youtube
  • Grammarly – I love this and have the app for Chrome, Windows and downloaded into my Microsoft Office programs. I’m lucky right now to have the pro version provided by my college.
  • Dropbox – To save everything!
  • Pixabay – Great free pictures.

Novel Places

  • TVTropes – The deepest of the black holes…. find story ideas, names, movies/tv/book to watch and read based on searches.
  • Pinterest – Collect stuff for your novel: places, people, things, ideas. Research away.
  • Facebook – Need some drama… conflict galore.
  • Amazon – Read book and movie descriptions to get ideas; mix and match.
  • Wikipedia Random – Go to a random entry – idea sparks.

The Name Game


  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • Lessons on a Lifetime of Writing by David Morrell

Word Stuff

Random Websites