Home In Pajamas is exactly what I am doing when I am not being forced by bills to go to work. I am a content stay at home gypsy that loves horror movies, reading, writing and the internet. I am an INFJ, empath, HSP and enjoy people online way more than the people I know IRL. I don’t remember what I did before the internet. I like posting memes and pics that illustrate my “non-mainstream-ness”.


Author Bio [from NaNoWriMo.org]

The greatest time of the year is October – Horror and NaNo Prep – never a better combination than that. Add in drink and snacks and I’m happy.
And then in November there is NaNo…..
I love thinking up scenarios and writing until I stop. Characters are a dime a dozen in my stories and I will type random stuff that just falls out of my head. As for a full story… I guess those are to be left for the nursing home days when I will pull it all together.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing. ~  EL Doctorow

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