Preptober “Boho Berry” Journal

I have been watching videos on YouTube for ideas on how to prep and to see what others are doing and thinking in October 2016 for NaNoWriMo. It’s been interesting, to say the least. I have seen some inspiring videos and also some ramblings.

This past week, at work I was listening to videos. When this one by “Boho Berry” came on, I stopped and watched it. She is showing and explaining her NaNo prep journal made in bullet journal style and a bunch of her style also. I liked the video because it was concise (not a lot of wondering off topic), and informational. But honestly, just the beautiful artistry and creativity swept me away. I was inspired to make up my own. This is a weekend project for me along with college studies. I think you need to watch this video – even if just to get a spark for your creative journal.


I have an obsession with fonts and I think of someone’s handwriting as their personal font. I like Boho Berry’s font. She also has a website with tons of goodies and other inspiration here.


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