Second Life: Morning Writing November 1st

Day One NaNoWriMo

Day One NaNoWriMo

A wonderful time as usual at Milkwood in Second Life. Kudos to Harri for creating a great night of chatting, listening to scary tunes, a costume contest and a hunt. I stayed up and started writing right on the dot at midnight. My daily word count was in at 12:41am at 1684 and this morning, I added 1697 to it. Above is some of this morning’s group and below are pics from last night.

Milkwood NaNo Kickoff

I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood complete with a Small Bad Wolf to hold.

NaNo Kickoff Party

Lizzie won the costume contest! And a good time was had by all.

Milkwood NaNo Kickoff




OH BOY! -Let The Fun Begin

Mere hours away………..

NaNoWriMo Beginneth. ūüôā


I have an outline! I worked on it yesterday at morning Word Snatch @ Milkwood in Second Life. Amazing the things you can accomplish when you wait TO THE VERY LAST MINUTE!!

I have a small cast of characters that I need to flesh out a little before I start. I don’t do the build a character thing; I would rather just create them as I go along. The beginning scene is firm in my mind, but I need to get a real¬†good scene for the ending. I’m thinking on that today. The ending, of course, is going to drive a lot of what happens on the way there.

Me at Milkwood Snatch this morning in my Voodoo Dolly Halloween costume:


Thank You Amazon!! You Rock!!

Christmas come early for me – I can’t believe it!!!!


Yes – just one more reason to pay for Amazon Prime every year….. Amazon Prime EBooks!


It’s just like watching Prime Videos – you see the little Prime chiclet on the edge of a book and you click – Read For Free With Prime.


My household so depends on Amazon more and more every day as the ultimate store EVAH!!!!


Yeesh! I better pipe down before they raise the rate again LOL

Don’t Panic!


Oh holy! November 1st is less than a week away. I have a title, a bare bones starting point and a few ideas of where to drive that are less than concrete. I need to get a move on my prepping!!!!


Yeah. Well, I finished my class. Hopefully, this one will be less work and stress-intensive. I need to do a little more than play with prepping if I want to take a stab at winning. I haven’t even started my Scrivener file. I have mostly been wandering around the internet, watching videos and reading other people’s blogs. Also, letting social media and the NaNo forum swallow me up. And you can’t forget that there is a ‘lection going on. The country as we know it seems to be teeter-tottering on a shaky fence. God bless America (we need you Big Guy!!)

It’s easy to waste¬†use time on social media sites doing such things as adding buddies (nanowrimo), making up boards for your story (pinterest), following #nanowrimo (twitter and tumblr), taking misc. prepping pics (instagram), finding books and joining groups (goodreads)¬†and hanging out virtually (secondlife) for RESEARCH ya know!

But it is coming down to the wire and more serious things must be addressed. I am making the official file for my NaNo story in Scrivener as usual tonight.¬†I’ve already started logging things in the notebooks I bought at the Dollar Store for reference. I’ve done all of the formal things at the NaNoWriMo site such as creating my novel, the name and a¬†short synopsis,¬†getting my halo for donating and joining in on the forum fun pre-NaNo. I’ve also gathered most of my survival kit. I need to buckle down and work on the key parts of my novel such as a solid beginning and a solid ending, main characters’ names and personalities, setting and what the big plot twist is going to be.

I’m being half lazy, half pantser and also a good reason not to have it all planned out a month ahead of time. I think if I have it all planned out, I will get bored and think of another story. Even though I didn’t plan to wait until the last week, I guess it may be for the best. These last days spent breathing some life into the characters and story should get me excited again and chomping at the bit to …. ready, set, WRITE.

Preptober “Boho Berry” Journal

I have been watching videos on YouTube¬†for ideas on how to prep and to see what others are doing and thinking in October 2016 for NaNoWriMo. It’s been interesting, to say the least. I have seen some inspiring videos and also some ramblings.

This past week, at work I was listening to videos. When this one by “Boho Berry” came on, I stopped and watched it. She is showing and explaining her NaNo prep journal made in bullet journal style and a bunch of her style also. I liked the video because it was concise (not a lot of wondering off topic), and informational. But honestly, just the beautiful artistry and creativity swept me away. I was inspired to make up my own. This is a weekend project for me along with college studies. I think you need to watch this video – even if just to get a spark for your creative journal.


I have an obsession with fonts and I think of someone’s handwriting as their personal font. I like Boho Berry’s font. She also has a website with tons of goodies and other inspiration here.

Calendar #NaNoWriMo2016

For people who like to be productive and have a visual tracker on paper, David Seah offers his version of the NaNoWriMo calendar.


I love the calendar and plan to use it. I was looking around for a picture calendar with American Horror Story or inspirational things each day on it, but I think this one will work better.

I went to David Seah‘s site for the calendar, but while there I looked around and really liked the layout and the free productivity tools and tips he offers. I added him to my Feedly list. Thanks for the calendar, David!

*Click on the image to go to the PDF link to download the calendar. And definitely click on his name to check out his website, if you are into productivity.